What Should You Do When Your Child is Arrested for Possession

What Should You Do When Your Child is Arrested for Possession

Drug offenses are taken seriously by California authorities. For both adults and juveniles, drug abuse is a crime. The major difference lies in the fact that adult crimes are tried in criminal court where penalties are severe and aimed at punishing the accused. Whereas, minors are tried in juvenile courts where penalties are more about understanding and rehabilitating the child instead of incarcerating them. Parents and guardians should seek the help of a drug offenses attorney experienced in juvenile law in cases of juvenile drug possession.

Juvenile Drug Possession Penalties California

Many substances come under controlled or illegal substances under California narcotic law. Even though marijuana is now legal for adults over 21 to use, there are many substances where it is still a crime to possess, use, sell, or produce. The Controlled Substance Schedule of California does not only include hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, inhalants, PCP, and analgesics but also prescription medicines.

Under juvenile law, penalties differ from case to case. Probation, community service, curfew, placement in a group or foster home, therapy, and mandatory detention program are some of the possible outcomes that are common in cases of juvenile drug possession. In rare cases, juvenile offenders can also be tried as adults depending on the severity of the crime, the accused’s previous record, and such.

Is Your Child Arrested for Possession? What Should You do?

As mentioned earlier, juvenile law is different from adult criminal law. So, if your child is arrested for possession the first thing you should do is keep calm so that the child does not panic either. Remember, attitude and demeanor at the time of arrest can play a major role during the juvenile justice process.

Second, call a drug offense attorney at the earliest. But you should not handover your case to just any other drug attorney because juvenile law is a completely different entity and needs an experienced attorney. Make sure that you hire a veteran drug offense attorney who is experienced in juvenile law.

A good attorney will take the time to understand the child’s psychology and their reasons for substance abuse. This will also help you to understand the child’s mental faculty and how to turn the experience into something positive. A veteran drug offense attorney like C. Robert Brooks can turn out to be the guiding hand you need during such hard times.

Brooks will not only plead your child’s case without judgment, but also put great effort to get the best possible outcome for your child. Is your child facing drug possession charges? Contact our office immediately for a free consultation. Call (310) 994-7989 or visit our website now.