How to Win A DMV Hearing

How to Win A DMV Hearing

California is known for stringent laws when it comes to DUI. A DUI charge could land you in a pool of penalties. While a DUI attorney can help you win your case, not many people know that DUI arrest means two cases. To be able to win your case, you have to fight a criminal court trial and an administrative DMV hearing.

Fighting a court case can be easier compared to a DMV hearing. Yet, winning the DMV hearing ican be crucial to winning the court case and earning your driving privilege back. To win a DMV hearing, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Hire A Good DMV Hearing Attorney:
Having an expert DMV hearing attorney in Los Angeles is the first step to ensure a positive outcome. As soon as a DUI arrest is made, there is only 10 days time to request a DMV hearing or else license suspension for at least 4 months is inevitable. A good DMV hearing attorney may even be able to convince the DMV to not suspend your license giving you lesser things to worry about. Hire an experienced attorney who can fight both court trials and DMV hearings.

2. Keep A Solid Record:
It is important to have a rock-solid memory of what happened when you were stopped and arrested. As soon as you are arrested, make a mental or written record of every little detail when you get the chance. Recall everything and tell it all to your DMV hearing attorney. Your DMV hearing attorney may be able to plan a winning argument based on your memory.

3. Understand Your Case:
DMV hearings are completely focused on DUI issues. Discuss with your lawyer how you can refute the issues presented in the hearing. You can argue that there was no probable cause for the officer to stop you, the arrest was done in an unlawful manner, or you may challenge the evidence or officers’ reports. Police officers are required to follow a certain protocol to be able to stop a citizen on road. Make sure that these grounds are covered when you prepare your case.

4. Be Prepared:
If after every effort, the outcome of the DMV hearing fails to be in your favor, then you must be prepared for the aftermath. Discuss with your attorney the course of action if you fail to win the hearing. You may have a window of opportunity where you can apply for a restricted license in the event of license suspension so that you can continue to drive.

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