Recent Successes

Recent Successes


Client was pulled over for a DUI investigation and a loaded shotgun was found in the trunk. The shotgun was traced to a recent robbery at a sporting goods store. At the preliminary hearing, two store employees identified my client in open court as the perpetrator. There was also a video recording of the theft. Nevertheless, when the case was set for trial I was able to convince the prosecutor that my client was not the right guy. Case dismissed.

Felony Evading and DUI

Client was chased by police for several miles at speeds approaching 100 mph. He was charged with felony evading and drunk driving. At the arraignment, both the prosecutor and the judge wanted nothing less than state prison time. After successfully getting the felony evading charged reduced to a misdemeanor at the preliminary hearing, the matter ultimately resolved without any jail time for my client!

Drug Purchase

Undercover officers arrest a drug dealer and took his cell phone. They receive numerous calls from the dealer’s clients with whom they arrange meetings to sell them drugs. Numerous arrests were made including my client. Despite police testimony that my client paid them for the fake drugs they gave him, I was able to convince the prosecutor that they didn’t have a case against my client. Case dismissed.

Drug Purchase

Client arrested for purchasing Ecstasy from an undercover officer. This was client’s first ever attempt to use drugs. Client was a straight-A college student, and was about to become an intern at the White House. Conviction of an offense like this would have ruined many of the opportunities he was facing ahead in life. Convinced the prosecutor that this was one that shouldn’t be prosecuted. Case dismissed.

Lewd Conduct

Client was accused of propositioning a series of underage girls and attempting to expose himself. Because I was able to get involved early in the case, I was successful in convincing the prosecutor not to file a case at all.


Over the years, in representing countless individuals at Court and the DMV Admin Per Se hearing process, I have saved numerous clients from having their driving privilege suspended as well as convictions of a DUI in court. I can also help you.