Personable and Efficient

Bob successfully defended me in a criminal DUI case in early 2016. He communicated all the details of the process to me clearly and thoughtfully, easing a lot of my fears about the process.

I lived a city away from the jurisdiction I was charged in, and he made it so I never had to take time off work to appear.

In the end, all criminal charges were dropped and I was issued a relatively small citation.

-Posted by anonymous

Robert on the spot !

He picked up the phone himself, I need some help with a ticked and he went to court the next day prices were extremely reasonable compared to other. I called him up a few times to ask a few questions he did not bill me like most other. I would use him again.

-Posted by Adam Crethar

Robert Brooks is my peace of Mind!

I hired Robert Brooks several times regarding my son’s troubles. Since the first time, he helped us with excellent results. He was always very competent, professional, skillful, available, reliable, courteous, and trustworthy.

-Posted by anonymous

Highly Recommended DUI Lawyer

After my arrest, I was determined to find a DUI lawyer I could trust to fight for my case in court. I went through various big firms and even the smaller firms you would expect to find in the back of magazines. Many of the firms I called had outrageous pricing, vague answers, or rude attitudes. Even the popular 100-No-Cuffs promised to call me back within 10 minutes and never did.

I was fortunate enough to find C Robert Brooks from a thorough Google search. He was quick to pick up my phone call and answer all of my questions. His keen knowledge of DUI laws, friendly demeanor, and affordable pricing convinced me to hire him for my case. He prepared the necessary documents to send to the DMV and provided me with the copies that same night to keep me driving for as long as I could.

I would highly recommend C Robert Brooks to anyone trying to find a reliable DUI lawyer. Throughout my case, Mr. Brooks answered all of my calls and replied within a matter of hours to my emails. Without a doubt, his quick work ethic and patience left a positive impression on me. He was able to reduce my DUI to a wet reckless despite having a BAC of .10. The DUI process is long and very complicated, but having reliable lawyers like C Robert Brooks can make the process easier to navigate and understand.

-Posted by RAlv

Excellent Attorney

I have known Mr. Brooks for many years now and he is truly an excellent attorney and knows how to handle cases very well. In my opinion he is by far the best Criminal Attorney in town.

-Posted by Farid

Extremely Professional & Knowledgeable, Very Friendly

We retained Mr. Brooks for a case that was brought by State against three of our family members, he caused the dismissal of that case for two of the three charged and negotiated a very smaller charge for the third person with only community service & probation. Later on he successfully expunged the third person’s case. He maintained a great level of professionalism all the while, at the same time, he treated our family like he was a part of it. We highly recommend him, and appropriate his great service as an attorney.

FYI, We used Mr. Brooks services for two more civil cases as well. He was successful in both cases.

-Posted by Abdy