Criminal Defense

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you’ve been arrested for a crime or are currently under investigation regarding one, it’s important to have the best legal representation you can find. Having a good criminal defense attorney represent you from the earliest stages of your case can make all the difference in getting a successful outcome in your case.

The criminal justice system is complicated, to say the least. Obtaining justice is neither easy nor guaranteed.

As in so many areas, experience counts! In my twenty-five plus years of practice, there have been very few legal issues that I have not handled. And, handled successfully.

Another important issue when looking for a lawyer is their reputation with prosecutors and judges. It’s very easy for a lawyer to compromise his integrity by being dishonest in their dealings with the opposition. Once an attorney’s “word is my bond” has been broken, it is rarely recovered from. Judges and prosecutors have long memories, and they will not easily forgive a breach of trust.

You want an attorney who is highly experienced in the matter you’re involved in. You also want an attorney who puts you first; that means he explains the case against you in clear, understandable terms. And, he carefully reviews the right strategy to pursue to obtain the best outcome. It’s also important to have an attorney who is actually available. That means he returns your phone calls quickly and is willing to spend the time it may take to make sure you understand the explanation of the elements comprising the charges against you, and your possible pleas and defenses.

Thanks to Proposition 47, many previously charged felonies are now only chargeable as misdemeanors. This means that for some offenses (previously felonies) you are no longer looking at the prospect of going to state prison. However, a misdemeanor still has the potential punishment of up to one year in county jail. Again this all emphasizes the importance of having the right lawyer representing you in court.

Also important, you’ll want a lawyer who charges a reasonable fee. Getting through a criminal case is everyone’s goal. But if it comes at the expense of putting you at risk of financial ruin, that ultimately does not add up to successful representation. I charge reasonable fees and work with my clients to find ways to handle them in as least painful manner as possible.

My promise to every client is to give my complete and personal attention to their case and to work tirelessly to achieve the best possible result for them, regardless of the charge.

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