Is Remote Learning During the Pandemic Increasing Risks for Domestic Violence?

Is Remote Learning During the Pandemic Increasing Risks for Domestic Violence?

2020 has been nothing less than a harrowing ordeal for everyone around the world with the onset of the Corona Virus pandemic. While America has been forcing and urging people to isolate themselves in their homes, there are many for whom staying home might not be the best option. For those suffering from domestic violence, this pandemic might be proving to be an even greater curse.

The Relationship between Domestic Violence and Covid-19

Many workers at domestic violence centers and institutes have expressed their concern regarding the condition of victims of domestic violence. If sources are to be believed, a rise has been observed in the number of domestic violence cases against women and children during 2020.

Needless to say, it has been a year of economic crisis for all in every corner of the world. Renowned psychology experts have observed that financial issues are the lead cause of mental frustration and stress for many. This paves the way for emotional paranoia and eventually, domestic violence. As a result, the breakdown of the economy has directly affected everyone in our society. This financial and emotional distress can be blamed for the rising number of domestic violence cases.

How is Remote Learning A Contributing Factor in Domestic Violence?

With the need for isolation, remote learning is the only medium through which students worldwide are pursuing their education. In many homes where domestic violence against children is already prevalent, the frequency has certainly increased. The option of “flight” is no longer available, leaving no way for victims but to stay and “fight” or simply suffer. Many workers related to institutes working for domestic violence victims have observed that children find a medium to release the stress at home by going to schools and colleges. Since that haven is now gone, they are more prone to psychological and emotional problems in the future.

For normal households also, the pandemic has proven to be troublesome as the distraction of leaving home has been eliminated. The tensions and stress that usually gets dismissed in the daily schedule are building up. All this built-up tension is proving to be dangerous for households with young children.

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, the current circumstances are out of control and will remain the same for quite a while until a concrete solution for the pandemic is found. Till then, experts advise to try and keep a positive outlook. Take this as a learning experience where you and family have to deal with the financial and social stress together as a team. Maintain a habit of releasing stress through meditation, music, or any other activity that you enjoy.

Most important, remember that when things are aggravated, any kind of violence can put you in the way of facing legal charges. In such a scenario, we can help you with legal challenges. Our law office will handle your case free of any judgment and provide you with the best legal representation. For a free consultation with expert Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles, visit our website