What can Lawyers Do to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

What can Lawyers Do to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is without a doubt one of the most common crimes in Los Angeles, and also one that is not tolerated by the California legal authorities. Gone are the days when an altercation was resolved with a few words by police officers. Now the law is so strict that every domestic battery complaint is taken seriously.

This is a win for many who never had the courage of going to the authorities. This has not only made lives easier for victims of domestic violence but also children who are forced to witness such acts of violence in silence. Nowadays, a mere act of physical force or even a threat is reason enough for one to call domestic violence attorney Los Angeles.

What is Domestic Violence?

As per California law, domestic violence is an intentional or reckless use of physical force or the threat of physical force on an intimate partner. Domestic violence includes domestic battery and corporal injury. Threats, unwanted and intentional touching of an intimate partner is also counted as domestic violence and treated as possible felonies which can lead to years in jail upon conviction.

Other crimes like stalking, criminal threats, child abuse, posting hateful or revengeful content on the internet can also be treated as a form of domestic violence, depending upon the circumstances. An experienced domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles should be able to help you determine if you are a victim of domestic violence.

What can a Domestic Violence Attorney Do to Help You?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should not waste any time and call a domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles. An experienced domestic violence attorney will listen to your situation, the history of your partner’s assault, reasons leading up to the battery, any behavioral issues your partner may have, and the intensity of the assault. There are many ways an attorney can help:

  • Get Custody: If there are children involved, then a domestic violence attorney can help you get custody of your children. If you need financial help then the abuser (if they’re the other parent) can also be ordered to provide child support.
  • Divorce: If the accused in question is a spouse then an attorney can also help you file for divorce, should you want it.
  • Negotiate: If you are unwilling to communicate with the accused or defendant first hand, then your lawyer can also be the communicator between you and your spouse. Or domestic partner.
  • Protective Order: Although you don’t need a lawyer for a restraining order, a domestic violence attorney can effectively argue to get you a protective order for the abuser that will restrain them from making contact or coming within a particular distance.

If you are struggling with the harrowing experiences of domestic violence, stop right now. Call C. Robert Brooks, a veteran domestic violence attorney Los Angeles with over 25 years of experience in criminal defense. Call us on (310) 994-7989 for a free consultation with Mr. Brooks.