Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney in Los Angeles

Spousal Abuse

Ever since the infamous O. J. Simpson case, domestic battery has become one of our society’s hot buttons. The days of police coming to your home to calm everyone down and then leave, are long gone.

Today, if someone calls 911, someone is going to jail. And, making things even more difficult is that bail is set at $50,000.00 for a violation of this penal code section (273.5 P.C.).

If there is any good news in this it’s that these cases that so often start out as felony arrests can usually be reduced or even dismissed by a good attorney.

Typically, law enforcement and prosecutors tend to evaluate these cases by the degree of visible injury on the alleged victim. Non-visible injuries can often end up in an “office hearing,” which, in the overwhelming majority of cases will end up the no filing against the defendant.
This is another instance where getting an experienced lawyer on the case early can make a big difference in the outcome, often leading to complete dismissals.

Criminal Threats

Making a threat of violence to another person is a crime in California. The result of which can lead to restraining orders, anger management programs and even jail time.

People often say things in the heat of an argument that they might regret later, especially if it could lead to their arrest.

A good lawyer knows how to paint an appropriate picture of his client’s true character and intentions and to help reassure a prosecutor that they are not dealing with someone who is an actual threat to others.

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