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While in many criminal cases, the defendant is convicted with only probation as punishment, most people take this for granted. What they fail to understand is probation is also a type of punishment, with the idea of rehabilitation without the need to incarcerate the convict. It is at the most a privilege in the place of jail time. This is why most defendants end up violating their probation since they fail to comprehend the severity of probation laws.

The worst-case scenario in the case of a probation violation is that if a judge finds the person to be in violation, the maximum penalty for the original case can then be imposed. This means you could be facing worse penalties like increased jail time. In such cases, it is important to consult and seek the help of a trustworthy Probation Violation Attorney in Los Angeles who can examine and understand every detail of your case.

C. Robert Brooks’ law office specialises in cases of probation violations and can offer you exemplary service by the man himself. Brooks is a veteran Probation Violation Attorney in Los Angeles with a track record of successful defense like no other. Brooks will take his time to understand your case and build a defense that will bring you the best possible outcome.

Probation laws are complicated with indicate details such as formal and informal probation where the penalties depend on many factors. As an experienced Probation Violation Attorney in Los Angeles, he gives his complete attention to every case.

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In virtually all criminal cases, once a conviction occurs a period of probation is imposed on the defendant. In misdemeanor cases, the probation is informal, meaning that there is no requirement for the person to report to a probation officer. Usually, the only requirement is to obey the law during the probationary period. Felony probation is usually formal, requiring the defendant to report to a probation officer on a regular basis.

When a defendant who is on probation violates its terms by picking up a new offense, this triggers a probation violation hearing. At that time, the judge can impose up to the maximum penalty in the probationer’s original case. For example, a person convicted of a DUI could be sentenced to a maximum jail term of six months. If that person violates any laws during probation, his exposure could be up to six months in jail plus whatever punishment of penalties may arise out of the new offense.

A skilled defense lawyer can be a highly valuable asset in dealing with a probation violation issue.

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