What to do if your child is arrested for possession?

What to do if your child is arrested for possession?

California is known for its strict laws for alcohol and drugs and charges that can lead to a conviction with harsh penalties. Especially in juvenile cases, these charges may ruin your child’s future.

There are a number of controlled substances stated in California law that are illegal to possess, manufacture, or sell. Minors under the age of 18, can also be charged with serious drug crimes that can lead to heavy penalties and a life put in jeopardy.

What is Juvenile Possession

Any juvenile who is found by police to be in possession of controlled or illegal substances can be charged with juvenile possession. In the failure of a legal justification for possession, severe penalties can be put imposed on the child in question. Some may argue that recreational use of cannabis is legalized in California, however, the law requires the person to be over 18 to possess and/or consume marijuana for recreational purposes.

Further, any other controlled substances like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs without a prescription can also lead to arrest for possession. In case of conviction, penalties may range anywhere from drug counseling, probation, diversion (or informal probation), and detention.

When do You Need to Contact a Drug Offense Attorney in Los Angeles?

It is important to know that facts at the time of arrest are crucial in juvenile possession charges. For example, the child must be aware of the possession of the drugs in question. If the child is unaware of the drugs found on his person, then the charge may not be provable. Also, the drugs must be found on the child’s person to be charged with possession or he/she must be in control of the area the drugs are found in.

These are technicalities that a child may not be aware of. It is best to get in touch with an attorney with experience in fighting drug offenses Los Angeles. A drug crime attorney will take his time to understand and examine all the important factors regarding the arrest that might prove to be beneficial in fighting the case.

Since a juvenile may not be held fully responsible for his actions, California law focuses more on rehabilitation and correction instead of incarceration. However, a conviction might lead to a stigma for the child which is why it is always smarter to consult an expert in such cases.

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