What to Expect When Arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles?

What to Expect When Arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles?

California has some of the strictest laws when it comes to DUI cases. So if you ever get arrested in a DUI case, it is important that you be aware of the DUI Penalties Los Angeles and contact an experienced DUI attorney at the earliest. There are a lot more things that you should expect when you are stopped for a DUI in Los Angeles. What are they? Let’s find out.

The Investigation: Once a police officer stops you, they will investigate you for drunk driving. You will be asked to come out of your car and approached for Standard Field Sobriety Tests. These include eye movement tests, walk and turn tests, and more. Once DUI is established, a breath test will be done with a PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening) device.

Arrest: If the PAS test results come positive then you will be arrested and taken to a hospital or police station for a blood test or additional breath test that will determine the BAC (blood alcohol) level. You have the right to refuse this test, however, you will still be charged with a drunk driving case along with a refusal allegation which can lead to an enhanced sentence and some jail time. If the BAC level established is over 0.8% a DUI violation case will be charged against you. In case of refusal, you will be required to spend 48 hours in county jail and your license will be suspended for a year or more. A DUI report is then submitted to the prosecutor in your case.

Hiring an Attorney: Once a DUI case has been charged against you, your next step is to find an experienced attorney. An attorney with good knowledge of DUI penalties Los Angeles will not only represent you but also help in arguing your penalties. At Law4DUI, we understand that your hard money is at stake so you get the best representation possible from veteran attorney C. Robert Brooks who specializes in DUI cases.

DMV Hearing: Once arrested for DUI, license suspension is inevitable. To challenge the suspension, it is mandatory to demand a hearing at the DMV within 10 days of the arrest. Although the DMV hearing does not affect the court case, it can greatly affect your chances of a positive outcome. Having a well-versed DUI attorney to represent you can also reduce the time of your license suspension.

Court Case: After the DMV hearing, the court case begins where the prosecutor and your DUI attorney will argue your case. Here, you will be acquitted or sentenced depending on the circumstances and other factors (BAC, DUI history, other vehicular law violations, and injury if any) leading to your arrest. If you have a DUI attorney to argue your case, it may even help in reducing your DUI penalties Los Angeles to a great extent even if you are convicted.

This is what to expect when you are arrested for DUI charges. If you are facing DUI charges, then contact C. Robert Brooks for a free consultation on (310) 994-7989. With 25 years of experience in DUI cases, Brooks promises you the best possible outcome for your case. For more details, visit https://law4dui.com/