What to Do When You are Falsely Accused of Sexual Misconduct

What to Do When You are Falsely Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Ever since the #MeToo movement, there has been much discussion regarding sexual misconduct and the laws related to it. With the rising numbers of cases, California law has further refined its laws and the legal implications of sexual offenses. This is why the number of false accusations is also increasing day by day. This is an alarming issue and one that has opened the discussion of what one can do in such a situation.

What is Sexual Misconduct?

With the rising cases of workplace harassment and the growing awareness of it, more and more effort is being put into place to educate and protect victims of sexual misconduct to combat the problem. Rape, sodomy, threats of a sexual manner, forced sexual acts of any nature, groping, grooming, inappropriate touching or touching without consent, obscene remarks, sexual innuendos, and a lot of other behavior fall into the category of sexual assault. Due to the severe nature of the crime, even force is not just restricted to physical force. Emotional exploitation, child grooming, manipulation, or any psychological coercion can be categorized under sexual misconduct.

According to statistics, 3 out of 4 cases of sexual misconduct go unreported because most victims are not aware of their rights. However, another harrowing fact is that 2-10% of accusations are fake, which brings us to the subject of what can you do when you are falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

What to Do When You are Charged with Sexual Misconduct?

Being charged with false accusations of sexual assault can be a tormenting experience for anyone, especially since the law and public sympathy tend to favour the accuser. It can not only lead to extreme emotional distress but also embarrassment and a diminution of social standing. This forces many to plead guilty instead of seeking help.

It can be especially bad for the accused, since the admission of guilt does not only subject them to embarrassment and punishment but can also lead to a criminal record as a convicted felon. It is not only harmful to one’s self-esteem but also their social status. The best course of action to take in such a scenario is to consult a sexual misconduct lawyer as soon as possible.

An experienced sexual misconduct lawyer in Los Angeles like C. Robert Brooks will not only help you understand the situation but also give you an insight into the chances you have and how to proceed with the case. C. Robert Brooks is a compassionate listener who will listen to you without any judgment. He will take his time to investigate your case and find the little details that will bring you the best possible outcome.

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