What are drug laws and penalties in Los Angeles and why you should hire a defense attorney?

What are drug laws and penalties in Los Angeles and why you should hire a defense attorney?

Drug crimes are considered one of the serious crimes in Los Angeles. The consequences of conviction can result in imprisonment in jail or prison, probation or enormous fines. Drug crime convictions can invite troubles for you by impacting your employment, finances and personal life. It is important to know what drug laws and penalties in Los Angeles are and how an experienced drug crime attorney in Los Angeles can help. Here, we have written in brief about the various laws and penalties and why you should hire an attorney:

Drug laws and penalties in Los Angeles

Talking about the state level, drug crimes are divided into three main categories:

  • Drug possession for personal use
  • Under influence of a drug
  • Possession of drug for sale, transportation or manufacturing

Let’s first throw light on the meaning of possession in terms of drug crimes. When talking of possession for a drug crime, it doesn’t just mean to be carrying drug but even if it is found in your car or home, you can be charged with possession. However, if you don’t own the home or the vehicle involved, you can fight those charges by proving that the property in question is not yours and you were not involved and landed up in the situation accidentally or by chance.

While the first two categories (Drug possession for personal use and under influence of a drug) are usually considered misdemeanors, the third is a felony. Even at the misdemeanor level, the penalties can be harsh depending on the type of controlled substance and the amount you possess. And, if the state can prove that the possession of drugs is for sales or distribution, you could be exposed to Federal charges on being proven guilty. Having said this, California has reduced penalties for using and possessing many substances to time in county jail instead of state prison.

If you are arrested or charged with drug crime, there are ways you can save yourself from a prison asentence and instead be available for a drug diversion program and counselling, rather than jail time. But for all this to happen, you will need drug crime attorney in Los Angeles. With an experienced attorney by your side, you will be able to negotiate a dismissal before any formal charges are made.

Remember, chances of negotiations are high in the early stages of a case, so hiring the lawyer early would work in your favor as he will be able to bargain the rights immediately after the arrest. Not just this, but in drug cases the accused person may say things to the police that could be very damaging. Having a criminal defense attorney will mean having a spokesperson with legal knowledge to speak on your behalf and tackle the situation calmly. All in all, a drug crime attorney in Los Angeles will do the best in his capacity to protect you while also providing you insights about your legal options.

Whom to hire for drug case in Los Angeles?

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