All You Need to Know About Expungement Laws in California

All You Need to Know About Expungement Laws in California

A criminal record can lead to consequences. Social embarrassment, reduced job prospects, and loss of self-confidence are only to name a few. However, it is possible to have your criminal record removed. How? Do you need an expungement lawyer Los Angeles? Let’s find out.

What is Expungement?

Expungement is the legal process of changing a criminal record. This includes records of conviction. State laws insist that once a record has been expunged, it should show that the defendant pleaded not guilty and the case was dismissed. This is how employers will see it if they do a background check. This can give an individual the chance to start their life anew without social harassment. However, expungement requires certain things to be checked off before it can even be considered.

What is the Eligibility for Expungement in California?

Individuals charged with misdemanors or felonies can try for expungement if they have successfully completed probation for their offense, and did not serve time in state prison.

Ever since the passing of the California Assembly Bill, it is also ordered by the court to review and seal the past convictions related to marijuana.

A defendant is not eligible for expungement if they are currently charged with a criminal offense, are serving probation, or serving time. This also includes crimes of sexual manner, especially those involving children.

How Do You Get an Expungement?

To apply for expungement, it is best to have an expert expungement lawyer who is familiar with the laws in the state. Based on the case and expertise of your lawyer, the expungement can be complicated.

To begin the process, you are required to file a petition with the same court where the hearing was held at the time of the crime. While many low-level criminal acts get removed themselves after a certain amount of time has passed, others need to be expunged by following the legal process. The time to get the expungement done depends on the case and the court’s judgment.

If your expungement lawyer is able to defend your case well and the court is convinced, you can get a certificate to prove that you did not commit any crime.

Why Do You Need an Expungement Lawyer Los Angeles?

To be able to present your case and concerns well, it is best to have an experienced expungement lawyer so that they can defend you well and convince the court that you deserve to have your past offenses expunged. Without a lawyer, it can be tricky to get an understanding of the legal procedure.

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