Was Brett Kavanaugh Lying?

Was Brett Kavanaugh Lying?

Probably. But maybe not in the way you might first think. I think it’s pretty clear he was dissembling about the extent of his alcohol consumption in high school. But I also think that, given alcohol’s effect on prospective (short term) memory, it’s entirely possible that he got so drunk on the night Dr. Ford was attacked, that he honestly doesn’t remember.

Just as Dr. Ford testified about how her traumatic event seared itself in her hippocampus,  that same event could have disappeared in the brain of her highly-intoxicated perpetrator.

Human memory is a fragile product, susceptible to many influences.
For an excellent discussion of its frailty, I highly recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, /*Revisionist History. */His episode, /Free Brian Williams,/ Season 3, Episode 4, is highly illustrative of this point.

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